14th Annual Goombay Bash
July 12, 2014
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About Cooking for the Cure

I am the H Foundation’s culinary spokesperson for I am a cancer survivor/ “poster chef” that raises money for cancer research at Northwestern Hospital. Having been a patient there for most of 2010, I am very passionate about the Foundation’s work.

My idea to help the Foundation and cancer patients is to post recipes right here for people that want to make healthy/cancer patient friendly meals for friends suffering from the disease. The idea started brewing during my cancer battle. Friends started to bring my family and I meals while I was undergoing treatment. Although delicious and considerate, no one knew what to bring us and called wondering what I could eat. Since I was taking massive doses of drugs during my battle, there were restrictions such as no chocolate or aged cheeses (damn) or, when I had mouth sores, no tomato or citrus. This was hard to communicate to my friends and I began to create cancer friendly recipes for myself. Everyone wants to help friends/family in need and this is a way for me to pay back all the people that helped me.

The recipes will be posted here on the H Foundation website for guests to refer to. Each participating chef will do 1-3 meal plans consisting of three components – salad, entrée and dessert or bread. The recipes will feed a family of four and can be adjusted accordingly.

Let’s have some fun “playing in the kitchen!” I look forward to working with the vast culinary talent that Chi-town has to offer!

Thank You,

Chef Jim Boardman

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