Skylar's Let's Beat Cancer Fundraiser

During the 21st Annual Goombay Bash, Dirk & Shelley Wald shared their family’s personal story about their daughter Skylar overcoming cancer. This remarkable girl is fully engaged to do everything she can so other kids don’t have to go through what she did. She is so proud that the set of jewelry she designed sold at auction for $1,000 that she wants us to continue to share her story in hopes that we can help raise more seed money for cancer research. Anything you contribute is appreciated and will help jumpstart the work of pioneering researchers so that their discoveries can compete for federal and private funding.

Here is Skylar's story:

In 2014, Skylar was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3 months old. After visiting the pediatrician and assuming that she was battling pneumonia, Skylar was taken to the hospital to discover a tumor the size of an orange pushing down on her heart. With immediate chemotherapy, the doctors were able to shrink the tumor and perform lifesaving surgery.

Skylar is now 9 years old and has been cancer free. She is reminded annually of her battle with regular scans, but is thriving and growing into a beautiful young lady.

Watch Skylar’s video below:


Skylar Skylar Wald

Total Donations: $35,655.63 of $20,000 Goal Updated on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Thank you to our generous donors!

Anonymous - $20
Always Believe!

Anonymous - $100
God Bless

John Rot - $500
Goombay Skylar!

Harry Moshos - $250
Skykar endured so much to become the incredibly bright young girl she is today. As a new father myself  it is my hope that no child or person ever has to experience what Skylar and the Wald family had to endure. Fu** Cancer.

Anonymous - $500
So proud of you Skyler!

Edward Wald - $500
Wald Family

Terry Goulder - $50
Way to go Skylar!

Kathi Osiek - $100
What a beautiful thing to do Skyler!

Richard Johann - $100
You are an inspiration Skylar

Anonymous - $100
Let us hope and pray that the world will find a cure for cancer very soon! Cancer free world!

Kamila Jordan - $50
Keep up the hard work Skylar!! Wishing you all the best!

Mitzi Boone - $20
I am so happy to Support Skylar <3

Rosaria Lupo - $100

Jonathan Hoffman - $200

Carlos Leon - $350

Chi Chow - $103.50

Radha Bernstein - $100

Roslyn Yando - $100
Let's beat this!!!

Anonymous - $25

Christina Yin - $50

May Wong - $50

Abbe Levine - $18

Anonymous - $25

Anonymous - $100

Trip Speight - $25

Anonymous - $20

Anonymous - $60

Anonymous - $250

Meng Y Mun - $200
Bless your heart!

Anonymous - $100
I love & appreciate that you are doing this Skylar!

Brian Roche - $103.50
Bless you for this.

Dimauro Edwards - $50

Anonymous - $250
There is always hope beyond what you see. It is possible not just to survive  but to live a healthy  happy life again.  You are stronger than what you think.

Dale Brown - $100

Stephen Henriquez - $50

Eddie Vehouni - $100

Philip Wee - $20

Mark Drinkwalter - $1,000
I'm so glad your story had a happy ending  there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss my son. Lots of love to you and your family.

Allison Cheng - $50
Kudos to you Skylar! Keep up the good work!

Becky Li - $350
Let's Beat Cancer!

Steve and Vickie Falk - $100
Keep Believing!!! Together we can do anything!!!

George Wei - $100

Craig Otto - $200
So proud of all you have accomplished  Skylar.  Thank you for sharing your incredible story and inspiring us all.

Ted Anderson - $200

Todd Goers - $200
Skylar - you are a very inspirational kid! So happy to be a part of your fundraiser.

Stephanie Wong - $100

Hal Schwartz - $1,000
Honored to help with this ongoing fight to beat Cancer

Ally Nelson - $100

Anonymous - $25

James Crowley - $200
Thanks for sharing your amazing story and for the effort you are making! This is in Honor of Alex

Lindsey Agruda - $30
Thank you Skylar for being a great friend! You are very brave and courageous and I’m so proud of you! You will help change the world and I hope that someday soon we won’t have to live in a world where cancer exists. - Avery O’Malley

Anonymous - $250
Skylar you are an incredibly brave and inspirational young woman. On behalf of all of us that have been affected by cancer we thank you for leading the way for positive change. Keep up the great work!

Jared Marrone - $100
Keep up the great work!

Michele Deegan - $100
Go Skylar!!

Robert Seebo - $25
I had the opportunity to join WAC in March of 23 as the manager in Cedar Hill TX but something in my soul said no. Three months later my wife passed away. We had the best 3 months like someone told me to give my all to her. I hope this helps

Linda Braun - $500
Bless you dear Skylar for making your own battle count in such a big way on behalf of other children who are and will battle cancer also. You help others to understand that childhood cancer needs all of us to join the fight. I am so proud of you!

Marilyn Haley - $207
So proud of you Skylar. You are destined to accomplish amazing things.

Richard Diamond - $100
I was touched by Skylar's story. I have known her family for 5 years but was unaware of Skylar's struggles before I met her parents.

Felix Johnson - $50
Congrats Skylar!! This is a worthy and noble cause!! Keep pushing forward!

David Gray - $500
What a story. Great job Skylar

Rachel Gilmore - $100

Christopher Pica - $250
Skylar you are truly inspiring! The Pica Family

Edward Rodriguez - $100
Skylar - Thank you for sharing your incredible story. Keep up the great work!

Josh Senders - $1,000

Tom Lillie - $500
At just 9 years old Skylar's perseverance and motivation is an inspiration to us all. Wishing you Skylar a very long healthy life ahead as you continue to remind us the importance of this research and of course faith. Congrats on beating the big C

Anonymous - $100

Kurt Miller - $50
Our thoughts and prayers are with Skylar!

Craig Ripple - $100

Anonymous - $20

Jill Carey Torey - $20
GO SKYKLAR!! remarkable young lady with a big heart full of compassion.

Anonymous - $20

Jon McMahan - $250
Proud of you Skylar...Love KTR

Jon McMahan - $500
Love you little Skylar...Jon

Claire Chan - $25.88
Hoping that pediatric cancer can be cured in our generation.

Geoffrey Marlow - $500
On behalf of Smart Lighting Solutions - our wish that Skylar's story engages many (and that Skylar can live love and leave a legacy while enjoying good health).

Marcelo Chan - $250
Thanks for inspiring us to get involved in the fight against pediatric cancer Sklylar!

Anonymous - $100

William Liu - $20
Proud of you Skyler. And hope this positive attitude bring courage to other child who also face cancer issue.

Anonymous - $207

Anonymous - $50

Brian Kennedy - $50

Liang Ming - $20
Brave girl Skylar we are so proud of you!

John and Kay Stearns - $200
Hope Every Thing Stays Well for your child.

Jennifer Walsh - $200
Skylar you are an inspiration and I will gladly support your fundraiser.

Joseph Boswell - $100

Jeffrey Izower - $36

Tai Nin Can Wang - $1035
I love you! Skylar!!!! Lao Lao!

Lisa Hockin- $50
Life is better because of people like you!

Anonymous - $100
Amazing girl ?? Skylar Beautiful talented and good heart ??!

Terry Ober - $100

Brian Lewis - $50
Stay Strong Skylar!!

Meredith Rosenthal - $50
So nice to meet you!

Ellen Flaherty - $25

Timothy Popham - $25

Greg Dempsey - $25

Springsteen Fans GA Line Boston - $156
Thank you! We want to help!

Chris and Oliver Errico - $1000

Jennifer Cornely - $50

Andrew Welder - $207

Anonymous - $25

Louis Licari - $200

Erica Shadoin - $500
So proud of Skylar!!

James Fraser - $100

Troy Dunkelberger - $51.75
Great job.

Timothy Chips - $50
Way to go!

Jeremy Hershfield - $100

Jaimie Woodward - $100
This donation is being given in honor of Dirk Wald’s 50th birthday! Happy birthday Dirk. I love you cousin! Skylar great job in bringing awareness to pediatric cancer and doing your best to bring hope to other children who are impacted by it.

Paula Kadella - $500
Happy Birthday Dirk Wald

Kevin Taylor - $500

Debbie DeSantis - $20
Great work Skylar for a very important cause! Hopefully this helps you reach your goal! XO

Dean Brockob - $60

Dirk Wald - $3000
Skylar We’re so proud of you! Love Mom & Dad

Derrick Wald - $10,000
Congratulations Skylar! WAC LIGHTING

Thomas Wang - $1000
Jiujiu Jiuma Liana and Kayson love you Skylar!

Tai Min Kan - $1000

Anonymous - $100
Aunt Jenny is proud of you!

Melissa Deutsch Stein - $250
Hoping for only healthy days ahead for Skylar!

Trent Shore - $100
Shelly and Dirk - I never knew the story of your daughter and this is very inspiring. I very much hope she continues do to well. Great work with the organization. Trent Shore - Pulse Products

Anonymous - $50
Stay strong

Anonymous - $30


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